1How long does it take to complete an order?
Depending on the number of votes and the current load it can take from 30 minutes to 4 hours. However, it usually takes much less and we try to prioritize the most urgent links.
2Is your service 100% manual?
Yes, we do all the upvoting manually, slowly and from different proxy servers to avoid any unwanted attention.
3How do I know if my link is live?
Before submitting a link to us, you have to make sure it is live, otherwise we can't do anything with it. If your link doesn't start getting any upvotes, this usually means it's dead (i.e. marked as spam from Reddit's automatic spam prevention system). One way to check if a link is live is to log out and search the latest links. If it's not there then it's probably marked as spam.
4What can I do to improve my chances of submitting a working (live) link?
As noted in the previous question, we need links that are live before we can upvote them. One of the ways is to submit links only from high-quality accounts with high karma, old age and good reputation. If you just submit a link with a new account in a more popular sub-reddit, you can forget about that link.
5I ordered a XX votes package but my score shows only YY. What happened?
First of all, if your order is marked as Completed and not Rejected, then we've done all the upvotes. Reddit, however, is not the typical social network, so here are a couple of things that might have happened:
1) People just downvoted your link.
2) A moderator blocked the upvoting in the middle (that actually happens often, once a link gets higher it goes under scrutiny).
3) Reddit does a lot of things to hide the actual vote count to protect against spam and bots, including vote fuzzing, delaying some of the votes so they get registered after some time, etc. Don't believe us? Try to open your link from another computer and see if the score is the same. The best indication to look at is your link's position on the list.