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  • Excellent service. Worked well very and exactly to my specifications. Will be using in the future.
    BHW member
  • Great service here. This guy knows how to do it! Very reliable and honest - at first it didn't work out as expected (due to the subreddits mods) and he got really out of his work, provided several solutions, contacted the mods etc. Finally he found a solution AND offered free work on top for the hassle (which was not his fault at all). Guy to count on, will use his services for my future reddit needs.
    BHW member
  • Ordered couple of upvotes from OP. I can confirm that his service is really HQ and i would recommend it to everyone with small budget. The price is really really good. And also the OP is really friendly on Skype etc.. Active most of the time. All i can say, ORDER ORDER ORDER! This is a steal, $3 for 10 upvotes is nothing. Goodluck with sales buddy, will order more in future.
    BHW member